Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Followup of a sort to previous post -- I saw Batman Begins, finally. It's easily the best Batman movie made to date. I give it a 5/5, but the fight scenes a 0/5. GUESS WHY. As you watched the movie, did you notice that you had no god damn idea what was happening during the fights because the camera was too close, too dark, and shaking around so much you thought you might get a headache? AAAGRHGLRHURHLAHURHG

I know that this was probably a stylistic choice meant to represent something along the lines of "See! Observe! It is confusing and hard to fight Batman!" Except fuck you, movie: I knew that already! They could just as easily have gone the other way with it, i.e. "Look! Watch! Batman is the #1 best fighter in the world on top of being sneaky and mysterious and totally fucking terrifying -- look, see how he takes all these bad guys to school right here!" and actually filmed it decently. That, uh, did not occur.

Aside from this admittedly somewhat minor point, the movie was great. My buddy Chris already did a better job than me of saying why; go read his thing instead.