Monday, June 06, 2005


In the park they've made out of Octavia between Fell and Hayes, there's a really great jungle gym made of ropes. There's also a crazy temple-like structure that apparently went up overnight, or within some similarly ridiculous span of time. I hear it was built by an artist (or a team of artists) who do this for Burning Man every year. All I know is that it's fantastically crazy-looking, as though a team of carpenters did a lot of drugs and decided to erect a temple to the concepts of spines and holes with just their nailguns and jigsaws.

My buddy Josh and I went to take a look on Saturday; we took pictures. I'm linking them because they're big.

The whole thing

From closer up

From inside, looking up into the roof

I have no idea how long this thing's going to be there, nor what will be put up in its place once it's gone; it just seems somehow too ephemeral to be kept up for too long. But while it's there, I'm going to tell everyone I know to go see it.