Tuesday, July 26, 2005


My car stereo is in its last stages of life. Now it simply refuses to play any sort of CD until at least ten minutes have passed. What still convinces me this is a heat-related issue is that it works fine after the sun's been out for a while. You should see it leap to life when I start my car in the middle of a hot day! But if I come back to it after leaving it parked for an hour or two in night or fog, I just have to cross my fingers.

Sometimes the mp3 function works from the get-go, but the first five minutes of playtime are filled with the most hideous bubbling and skipping artifacts you've ever heard. It kind of sounds like demons are trying to communicate with me through my car stereo. Or maybe I just left The Meadowlands in there. Ha ha! Get it? Because that one singer from the Wrens is unintelligible.

Seriously, I'm going to get a new car stereo soon, because this is pretty damn annoying.

Other upcoming heart-stopping highlights from the Scintillating True-Life Theater That Is Jon's Blog

- The fridge at work where we keep the free water bottles has been freezing some of them again, rendering them undrinkable until thawed

- Why is the sun always goddamn in my eyes when I am driving home, forcing me to wear this baseball cap that makes me look like a tool*

- Now that it's well and truly summer, the flower- and shrubbery-filled grounds of my office park (where I like to take occasional refreshing walks) are filled with wasps and have hence become enemy territory

* (My driver's-side sun visor snapped off a long time ago and I am too lazy to get it fixed)