Monday, August 22, 2005


The title of this post contains no typos, but rather is an elaborate in-joke that I can't really explain to you quickly.

THE UNDERLYING TRUTH is that I went camping this weekend for basically the first time ever down in San Simeon with several of my favorite people, and it was a great time. So if you were wondering where I was, the answer is "In front of a fire, like a mile from the Pacific Ocean."


- Spam cooks incredibly quickly on a cast-iron skillet over a fire
- It is possible to sunburn your scalp
- "Cheddarcorn" is a thing you can invent, but whether or not it's better than "wine peanuts" is something for future generations to ponder
- The inexplicable loss of a custom headband should teach you harsh lessons about the care and maintenance of custom headbands
- It is probably impossible to avoid making references to things that will require explanation