Friday, August 05, 2005


My work just decided to go with a new food-service provider for the cafeteria and such, and I guess those guys also took over the bagels on Fridays. I think they're still working out the kinks in the system: Unlike the previous bagel dudes, these people actually leave behind the leftover bagels all day (which is nice), except that's all they leave. They took away all the butter/jelly in single-serving packets, and the tubs of cream cheese. They didn't even leave, like, half of 'em in the fridge or whatever. I think doing this bagel-leaving thing halfway is kind of worse than not doing it at all, just in that the thought of chewing on a toasted but completely unadorned bagel is kind of depressing to me.

Unrelatedly, a Dogblog update went up a few days ago, but chances are good you probably already knew that.