Thursday, July 31, 2008


During the better part of the last two weeks, the following things occurred:

- I went on a small-scale tour of California with my band

- We played shows in San Francisco, Modesto, Merced, Hollywood, and Fresno

- I learned that my car's AC should probably get recharged, though honestly nobody needs that in San Francisco

- I discovered that you should always trust Twitter (or Wil Wheaton speaking through Twitter) when it comes to traffic updates
-- Corollary: Also trust Google Maps
-- Further Corollary: Maybe there is something to this whole "Web2.0" thing after all

- I was joyfully reacquainted with the Beatles' early catalog

- I met up with several different groups of my best pals under circumstances most happy
-- And got extraordinarily drunk with some of them
-- And bore witness to the champion drinking status of certain others

- I was reminded that San Diego Comic Con is one of my most favorite, surreal times of year

- I was physically present for the event described here -- in fact, I'm the one he points to in the very last moment of this video
-- Something that has to be mentioned is that I got the sense that Jonathan Frakes is a man who genuinely enjoys injecting moments of unrestrained magic into the lives of people who would just be happy to get a wave and nod from him
-- Also, seriously, Avery Brooks can play the piano, which is not information I knew before

- I introduced myself to Kaki King but did not have the presence of mind to find a place to put the free sandwich I had been given seconds earlier; this resolved itself eventually, but it took some doing

- I ate dinner with one of my all-time favorite authors anywhere ever, his lovely wife, and four other unimpeachably excellent humans

- I slept passed out in motels, on the floors of friends-of-friends, on couches, and on futons with purring cats transmitting bone-knitting healing powers into a body that needed it

- I paused every once in a while during this entire thing to reflect on the utterly sterling quality of the people I have come to know in my life
-- If you saw me this weekend, and you are reading this, do not doubt that I am speaking of you
-- Yes, you

I knew that was going to be long, but there was no way around it. Happy end of July, people. To cap it off, I updated the Dogblog. I don't know if I need to mention it anymore when I do that.