Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Three personalized license plates witnessed on the drive to work today:*

1. Black BMW of some sort? "COLIN C". Really. I guess everyone knows whose car that is now. Good job. I'm not sure if this plate rates above or below the ones that say things like "JOES TOY" on my hatescale.

2. Gray Lexus: "TEDHEAD". I cannot conceive of the set of circumstances necessary to cause another human being to think this was an acceptable choice for a license plate to put on their personal vehicle.

3. Silver Corolla or similar small car: "MLN FLCN". This was indecipherable to me until I saw the "Jedi Academy" sticker on the rear windshield. It makes sense, right, but don't you think "MLM FLCN" would've been better? Maybe it was already taken.

* I drove today because I've got to meet some people after work in a place and time that precludes the use of my bike.