Friday, October 24, 2008


My blog makes more sense if you're me, I guess. Here's a timeline for you.

- Sometime in the past, a group of college Republicans makes Life in the Field, a groupblog that features, among other things,
-- A Twitter feed on its right-hand sidebar that displays Twitter posts tagged with "#litf08"
-- A user by the name of Ashley Todd

- Twitter makes "#litf08" one of the "Hot Political Topics" running through its ELECTION2008 bar on top of its homepage. (Last night was when I first became aware of it)

- At roughly the same time, Ashley Todd decides to try her hand at an amazingly retarded stunt that not even Michelle Malkin believes, claiming an Obama supporter attacked her at an ATM and carved a "B" for "Barack" into her face. A "B" which, by the way, was backwards. Backwards.

- Now, today, Ashley Todd owns up to being a liar, which was pretty much patently obvious from the get-go.

- Someone has the presence of mind to take her off the Life in the Field rollcall, but Google cache forgets nothing.
-- Life in the Field guys, doesn't this mean your site is now "a group blog starring the 49 College Republican field representatives and you"? Or you could keep it at 50, they way you've done, but maybe break it down as "49 College Republican field representatives + 1 lying piece of shit, and you." This is a free suggestion I'm offering you.

- The Twitter feed on Life in the Field's homepage is now gloriously, irrevocably polluted, perhaps for all time. The Flickr feed, btw, is getting there.

- Probably by around 8pm tonight, jokes about "I give this entire scheme ... a B" will oversaturate the internet.