Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay, so there's the agonizer, and that's cool if it works right. But I think we need some other ray guns.

- Can I have a gun that simulates very specific sensations, for very specific timeframes? For instance, how about a gun that replicates the sensation of having your left arm blown off for forty seconds? Or getting kicked in the junk for twenty? Imagine what the interface on that thing would look like, though.

- How about a gun that creates feelings? Imagine what could be accomplished with a gun that would produce feelings like this for a set length of time:
-- Just lost your job
-- Really, really bored (14 hours in an airport/DMV)
-- Trapped in a tight space with some large spiders
-- Shit yourself in front of the girl/guy you like

I think I just created a new comic book villain. All that remains is a name.