Monday, March 09, 2009


Dilemma is as follows:

- I had a bad case of tendonitis break out in my right foot Thursday and on into Friday
-- It was hard to walk or stand for any appreciable amount of time
- I saw a doctor and it's feeling better today

Now then:

- Thursday I have two tickets to see Cut Copy
- This weekend I'm headed to Vegas to celebrate my friend Alex's birthday with some of my favorite people and play some UTCFB (the first match of the year, in fact)

I fear that if I go see Cut Copy, the tendonitis may flare up again. Doc said not to move around on it too much for about a week.

- I don't want to miss Cut Copy
- I don't want to potentially be on the sidelines during UTCFB either

What to do. Tell me, internet.