Friday, July 31, 2009


Here's another installment of names generated by Lore Sjoberg's comedy duo name randomizer and what I think they're actually up to. This one will be double-sized because I missed last Friday, due to being away from the internet.

- Safford & Kio: You know what I see? I see a pair of thin dudes in button-down dress shirts out in the desert. They're botanists.

- Motonaga & Waibel: Travel about 600 years forward in time and have a peek into a technocastle in eastern Europe, and you'll find these two. They hunt monsters -- actual monsters, with claws and tentacles and everything. The future's a scary place.

- Denna & Grun: There's a place here in San Francisco called Cafe Gratitude that's kind of a raw cuisine hippie-love horrorshow. These two, nothing but wide-eyed innocence and brimming with the love of Gaia, tried to start a similar restaurant someplace outside the Bay Area, and are now buried under a Port-a-Potty in a vacant lot next to a 7-11.

- Charsky & Oh: One's a foreigner with an amusing, nebulous Euro accent, weird personal habits, and a bumbling but winning manner with people. The other's a laconic, cynical local who's almost never seen without sunglasses and a slick suit. They're cops. They're partners. They are the law.

- Hollinghead & Dodwell: Is it possible for people to be assassin butlers? I'm just asking here.

- Cun & Stell: There's nothing my brain can generate that I feel okay with typing out. I am sorry about this.

- Cuff & Monson: These aren't people. You know those giant stuffed animals they give out at carnivals? Two of them came to life and have been wandering the Midwest for about a decade, solving problems for kids 10 and under.

- Bullion & Lamance: If you're on a secret, illegal cross-country road rally and you get passed by a DeLorean doing 140mph with a chef and a bodybuilder in it, now you know who those motherfuckers are.

- Flenard & Putzel: I've always wanted to have henchmen! And look, these came ready-made! They might not be the best at what they do, but at least they're not the worst.