Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm starting to view these as a kind of low-rent writing exercise. It is here that I will implore Lore Sjoberg never to take this down.

- Mccutchan & Maggs: Does the term "cowboy plumbers" mean anything to you? No? Well, it should.

- Blood & Kaller: I both can and can't believe "Blood" was a real last name that ended up in this database. These don't actually strike me as people so much as a pair of personas adopted by a couple of Ohio teens who think they're releasing the best gothwave darkcore album the world has ever seen.

- Panell & Descoteaux: A male/female couple who are scientists. They get interviewed by magazines like Wired and Seed constantly, but what's weird is that every time they appear, their job is described differently, because nobody really understands what they do -- one month, they're "evolutionary exoclimatologists;" the next, they're "nanochaos metafuturists."

- Cantadore & Gingles: These are literally refugees from a parallel universe where elves have been living alongside humans since the start of recorded history.