Monday, August 10, 2009


Now that the national "debate" on health care has basically revealed itself at ground level to be a bunch of idiots shouting at each other, do you find that the notion "only smart people should be allowed to vote" carries perhaps a bit more weight with you than it once did, despite the terrible things it has the potential to imply? Or what about "only people who did the reading should be allowed to talk"? It's only eight pages long, slapdicks. The last page is just references.

One of the greatest fears people of my generation have is this: getting sick enough to have to seek serious treatment, or getting into an accident that requires hospitalization. They don't fear dying: medical science is strong. What they fear is their savings being wiped out. This shit costs. Anybody I know could tell you this. A child of twelve could tell you this.

Let's put it this way: suppose you show up to one of these town hall meetings yelling about "death panels," which causes my friends and I to decide we've had enough of your ridiculous bullshit nonsense and slap the stupid out of you. When you wake up in the hospital with casts on your limbs, is your first thought "I hope I survive this"?

Or is it "I hope I'm covered"?