Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday. It's fake name time again!

- Kahn & Yunan: Does anyone other than me want to see a sitcom where two barbarians open a tea shop in the savage wilds of ancient mainland China?

- Hulslander & Schwerdtfeger: Boutique sausages sold only in the priciest neighborhoods, brought to you by two guys who are almost incomprehensible. But their mustaches are amazing.

- Menjares & Montecillo: You know what I see? Two naturalists who've found a way to open a portal to the dimension where fairies live, but since they're scientists, they're trying to catalog all of the life therein first, before they tell the rest of the world what they've got.

- Frizzell & Duve: Two people who've invented a great new shampoo that's just on the cusp of becoming a major mass-market product. I can't explain how I got to this point; it just ... popped in there.