Friday, August 07, 2009


It's time once again for some more names out of Lore Sjoberg's hat and the characters they conjure. It's probably not surprising that this is still entertaining to me, given how my brain works.

- Lagrant & Ashline: All their lives, these two aspired to go into business together as attorneys, architects, or anything that would allow them to use their last names in conjunction like this as the moniker for their enterprise. Instead, they somehow got streets named after each of them instead, and where they intersect, there's a park.

- Crescenzo & Swaner: A rail-thin, dark-haired man with a pencil 'stache and a brunette who likes to wear fancy dresses; they're "opera security," whatever that means. Don't mess.

- Portugal & Szymanowski: The title characters of a sitcom set in the trenches of WWI, featuring a jolly fat guy and an excitable thin guy who get up to all types of wackiness. That's right, I said "wackiness."

- Mentkowski & Klinefelter: Scientists for hire. Doesn't matter which specific discipline. Why? Because they have PhDs in everything.