Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've returned to the Bay Area from a too-brief trip back to the ancestral homelands of Syracuse, NY. It was nice, but that's not what I'm here to talk about, although I do have a story about it that I need to relate here in due time.

Waiting at JetBlue's excellent JFK terminal for my connecting flight back home, I went into Borders to check out their comics selection. The comics are next to the young adult books, and the stereotype is true, at least on the mass-market paperback level: YA is almost all vampire books. It's all either vampire books or angel books. But here's the weird thing: no books that have angels that have been transformed into vampires. Wouldn't you think that'd be a no-brainer? I mean, maybe someone already did it and my eyes skipped over it because the cover art just wasn't indicative of the book's contents, but sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit /claydavis

This is all to say that you should watch in 2010 for my upcoming series of novels titled VAMPANGEL: The Blood Seraphim Chronicles. Or maybe BLOODWINGS: Tales of the Vampire Host. Listen, the title's not important. It's all about content, okay? This shit is gonna be packed with vampires biting angels and angels biting humans and, like, halos made of blood and tears and crap like that. Nobody else can do it now, because I said it on my blog. That's how it works, right?