Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Talking with a friend of mine who occasionally works as a medic on movie sets, it occurred to me that my default reaction whenever I find out a Hollywood movie star is a decent person is to be mildly surprised. It's like I expect them to be douchebags, and when they violate that expectation, it's vaguely astonishing.

We need a website for this. Internet Movie Star Database. You can only register to post on it if you're confirmed as a worker in the service industry -- waiter, stagehand, grip, whatever. If enough of these people post their own personal experiences with stars, what sort of picture would then emerge of each actor or actress, I wonder?

"Bruce Willis: freaks out if you bring him food that contains the color orange. Seemed apologetic about it later, though. Good tipper."
"Halle Berry: was very nice to my visiting 8-yr-old."
"Scarlett Johansson: slaps people all the time like it ain't no thang."
"Alton Brown: lets the crew take the leftovers home."

Wouldn't it be nice to have a more-or-less irrefutable* source for this kind of data, a place that makes bigtime celebrities accountable for their behavior to everyone around them? I think it would be amazing if it could be executed correctly.

* The truth content of the site is only as good as the people who post to it, of course, so there'd have to be some kind of system in place to verify each registrant. I don't know what that would be.