Thursday, April 14, 2005


Today I'm feeling pretty much normal except the sore throat's still there. Not as much, though, which is nice. Tonight's dinner menu will be the same as last, just in case: Superfood, chicken noodle soup, and these roasted stuffed peppers that I made.*

I had a eureka moment the other day at the Safeway that resulted in me buying a box of Rice Krispie Treats to put in my cube, for snacking. I also bought a thing of dried pineapple chunks. Have you ever had the ones put out by the Sunsweet company? The bag says New & Improved Flavor! What this means is they've somehow found a way to make the pineapple chunks even sweeter. As a result, I can only eat maybe four or five before I have to put them away. They're like candy, but they're also fruit. What is going on.

Because I am tremendously magnificent, I will be mailing my tax returns tomorrow and hence battling what I'm sure will be some crowds. That was not a smart thing to wait to do. I'll admit that right here and now.

* They're pretty good, if I do say so myself.