Thursday, May 19, 2005


I feel like I can't shut up about it, but only because I saw it last night and I feel like I want to go see it again. See, while everyone else was in line at the midnight premiere of Episode III, I went to Unleashed down at the Presidio Theatre in, oddly, the Marina.

Jet Li has been in a couple of not-so-great movies within recent memory, let's not lie to ourselves. But this was pretty damn good. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Luc Besson movies, or Kerry Condon's character, or the fight scenes that were refreshingly devoid of JiggleCam.* Anyway, I liked it and I think you should go see it, possibly while waiting for Episode III (which I'll be seeing this weekend). The person ahead of you will save your spot in line.

* God damn and blast you to hell, Ridley Scott and John Mathieson, for Gladiator and the irreparable damage you have wrought upon action movies for all eternity