Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Apparently Best Buy/SciFi or whoever aren't interested in getting my money. I've gone to two separate locations looking for the Season One collection of Battlestar Galactica that includes the miniseries, and they're all out everywhere. Did they not expect to sell them? Each store had more than like five copies, right? Even so, are they having that much trouble restocking? Somebody somewhere is keeping me from enjoying my life to its utmost. That show is essentially the best science fiction on TV since ... well, there's been a lot of good science fiction on TV, actually. But that doesn't take away from this show, which has got to be one of the tensest hours on television.

Unrelatedly, I made three new postcards. I still haven't mailed out the last batch, but those will go out soon. I'm building up quite a library, aren't I? Should I consider printing some up in batches and seeing if stores are interested in selling them? This has been mentioned to me once or twice before, but I figure I'll put the question to you, the masses. The blogosphere. The all-encompassing blogiverse. Rain your answers and knowledge upon me!