Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Every time I look at YouTube comments, or the comments on high-traffic blogs, or even on news articles, my brain generates a hypothesis. Sometimes several. I don't know which one of these is true. Many of them might be true simultaneously. Help me out here.

1. For some reason, there are way more idiots now than there were X years ago, where X is a number between 20 and 50.


2. The ratio of idiots:normal people is actually unchanged.


2a. Idiots use the internet more.

2b. Idiots like to comment on YouTube, blogs, and news stories more than normal people.

2c. Normal people don't comment on YouTube, blogs, and news stories very often for some reason.

God dammit, what if all of these things are true except for premise #2?

Then again, I don't know what it says about us if it turns out premise #2 is actually the correct one. Because that would expose a fundamental truth about our species, which is that the idiot:normal person ratio is something like 300:1. By my offhand calculations.