Monday, December 29, 2008


I went back to the home territories over the Xmastime weekend, which is why I wasn't around. When I got back last night, I discovered that while I'd been away, my housemates had apparently started a website called and thrown a theme-appropriate soiree for their IPO about five minutes before I walked in the door.

OK, that last part's not even remotely true, but what is true is that it reeked in there,* and I had to open the windows and spray some of my apple-cinnamon odorizer around. I'm getting paranoid now, because just a second ago I thought I still smelled it on me. If I start taking obsessively long showers and muttering about how it's "still on me, still on me," I authorize you to begin worrying.

* This was real-deal skunk stink, too, and not just, like, weed, maaaaan. The Presidio's skunk population exists, and I guess sometimes they encounter wildlife around my house that they'd rather not fall prey to.