Monday, March 16, 2009


Spent the weekend in Vegas celebrating my friend Alex's birthday with many of the best people on this coast, including his radwife Laurenn, and several things were learned, mostly related to the game of UTCFB we played -- one of the most intense ever. I learned that

- My pal Andy is an unexpected leader of men
- The capacity of friends Han and Lou to take physical punishment is astonishing
- The capacity of Alex and his father to hand out said punishment was previously known, but remains awe-inspiring
- There is nothing to be said about Man-Mountain Chris The Merciless, Destroyer Of Worlds, that cannot be gleaned from this new name for him that I just made up
- Seven people working together can properly hang a string of light bulbs in a backyard
- I am still allergic to cats
- Rum is delicious

It was a great time and I'm immensely pleased to know all of the people I do in this life. I wish that this feeling of contentment could somehow translate into quicker healing for every single one of my muscles, because right now I move like a 90-yr-old man who did not treat his body with care.