Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Does there exist a point at which the American people will throw something at the TV in disgust whenever a Republican appears on TV mouthing inanities about "protecting the sanctity of marriage," given what they seem to be doing with it? I mean, I do this (metaphorically at least), but I am not everybody. I'm just wondering out loud if there's a critical mass of these high-profile assholes being publicly outed as hypocritical liars that will cause everyone to suddenly say "You know what, this is bullshit, and you are bullshit. Fuck all of this, and fuck you; we no longer care." It's not like this guy's an isolated case.

Honestly, what we need is a website that displays a picture of every state governor and member of the Senate and House. Every time one of them does something that directly contradicts messaging they've promulgated, their picture should gain a feature: clown nose, wig, makeup, etc. This would make it really easy to identify at a glance what our government's actual walk/talk ratio is.