Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You know, I'm just not a guy who needs a Google Wave invite right now. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be awesome for me unless everybody I know is also using it, and right now? That's not happening. Because I keep seeing Twitter updates from people I know that are all

"Where's my invite?"
"Who's got an invite?"
"Do you have an invite?"
"Where's my elephant?"

I'm content to wait until they've all got it, and then I'll start asking around. I'm confident it's going to be amazing.

In unrelated news, I made an update to the rules for Ultimate Team Cardboard Fortress Battle. People are always asking me when the next game is. You know what, dudes? Here's the thing:

1. You have to give people at least two weeks' lead time to gather boxes. Because you need to have boxes if you're gonna play.
2. Once a certain time of year starts, you cannot reliably predict if the weather's going to be good two weeks out. You cannot play this game in the rain.
3. You need to be reasonably certain that a whole shitload of people you know will be free that day. Think about the people you know. Think about the percentage of those people who love fun and aren't too concerned about looking sort of silly in public, but also have few demands on their time. Then balance this against the ratio of sure bets:flakes in your typical pool of friends. Ask yourself: how easy is this to plan.

The funny thing is that once somebody comes to just one game, they get it. They're onboard for all future games. But you have to get them to show up. That's not always the easiest thing to do.