Friday, September 18, 2009


You thought you could escape Friday without seeing some more of those made-up name pairs, did you? Did you?

- Chung & Myree: That sound you hear is me steering this ship away from the "obvious joke about Asian accents and the pronunciation of Ls and Rs" straits.

- Pinette & Tobeck: I see a couple; one's a chef, the other's a hunter. They make a lot of venison pot pies. They're amazing.

- Whitehair & Corradino: I saw a pair of private detectives who were also warlocks in a past update, didn't I? These two are in the same line of work, but they're way more low-key about their magic use. Except that Whitehair's long, flowing locks kind of give it away.

- Vercher & Kottraba: German exterminators who build their own specialized tools for their trade.

- Greenidge & Overbey: A British university professor and a sports coach who share an apartment! It's a sitcom!