Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have those, too!

- Let me get this straight. The iPad doesn't multitask, I can't use it as a netbook (no Flash isn't just a dealbreaker -- there's literally no deal even on the table without Flash if you want to use it as a web device), and it costs five hundred dollars? I almost want to say "fuck you" instead of just "no." Sorry, Apple: your thing is not for me. Who's it really for, though? People who want to say "Yeah, this economy's a rough one, but I had half a grand to blow on a broken tablet computer" without printing up stickers? Their choice, I guess.

-- I will admit that if it had been called the iPADD and run something that looked like LCARS, I'd've given it serious consideration.

- Having now seen a bunch of posters for it, I'm prepared to call it: the new Alice in Wonderland movie looks like a paint factory tried to make a drunk baby with a Mark Ryden painting, except one or both were high on unpleasant hallucinogens and kept barfing throughout the process. This is one in the column for the director-as-auteur theory, though, because my best guess is that a box office spreadsheet somewhere told Tim Burton to hike up the quirkskirt like nobody's business. I'm, uh, not gonna see this one, in case you were wondering.