Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm going to limit my political opinions to just this one post and see how that works out for everyone involved.

God fucking dammit, Democrats, you can't get your shit together just this once for long enough to elect one fucking senator?  One fucking senator who is somehow the single One True Keystone to getting health care reform passed?  On your home fucking turf?

And what is this with health care reform thing anyway, that you can't lose a single fucking senator without it all falling the fuck apart?  Don't you motherfuckers run Congress now?  Isn't one of your own in the fucking White House?  It's like we handed you idiots a lightsaber to fight a street gang, but instead of turning it on, you pulled your own pants down and jammed it up your collective ass with your own two hands and just laid down on the fucking sidewalk to be kicked to death.

Even with the Democrats in power, the Republican assholes still win?  What kind of fucking logic is that?  What the fuck world is this?

This is your fucking job, you miserable fuckstains.  You're supposed to blaze a path toward a better fucking world for all of us.  Enough of us believe in that better world to have voted your incompetent asses into power; would you get your fucking shit together and fucking do something with it?  For fucksake.