Monday, April 18, 2005


Today on my way to work I tailgated somebody for close to a minute trying to read his stupid goddamned bumper sticker. It was a single word, rendered in letters so twisty and weird that I had to be this close just to make out what they were, and I'm still not positive I got it. It said something like:

PANDEMONEUM (idiotic, misspelled)
POLYMONDEUM (I fucking give up)

If I had ended up running this dude off the road, the real source of blame would have to be split between the guy (for putting such a sticker on his car in the first place) or the sticker's manufacturers (for doing a really shitty job). What purpose would having such a sticker on your car be, other than to provoke the wrath of other drivers? Declaring allegiance to the (misspelled) capital city of Milton's Hell? The (misspelled) concept of chaos? Some poorly-named band? WHAT.

Now that I'm thinking about stickers on cars, I'm reminded that I should tell you guys about the Klingon Patriot sometime, if I haven't already.