Monday, October 03, 2005


Just a few things to bring to your attention, in no particular order:
  • Serenity is a pretty fucking good movie. You should see it even if you didn't watch Firefly (although you should've been watching Firefly, I won't blame you if you missed it; Fox only showed, like, half the episodes because they're superintelligent).

  • I think I might actually be growing slightly less fond of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! because of the singer's voice. Am I the only one?

  • The above item is no excuse for someone to be all hurr hurr im not fond of them because they're MUSIC suckz hurr

  • That is what we call low-hanging fruit.

  • What do you call a series of six books? A double trilogy? A hexilogy? Ew. Eww. In trying to figure this out with a friend of mine, I settled on "Platinum Plus Trilogy."

  • I just updated the Dogblog to start out the month.
That's it for now. Go have some pumpkin pie!