Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The obligatory year-end blogpost wherein I summarize the year that came before and my feelings about it commences now:

It was pretty god damn great.

As the year draws to a rapid close, I have just one question that I'd like my reading audience to ponder. At the arena show I mentioned some entries back, I saw a girl walking around with a shirt that had the following sentence printed on its front:

"Your scent is like a drug to me."

The back of the shirt indicated that it was some sort of Twilight reference. Okay. I understand that people like Twilight and that's fine. But what combination of stimuli over what period of time could possibly lead to someone thinking that shirt was a good idea to buy and put on your body, regardless of whether or not you enjoy vampire-based romance? "Your scent is like a drug to me." Just reading those words in that order should lead to an immediate decision: No.

The world is a vast and terrifying place.

By the way, if you're looking for something to do this Sunday evening, you could do worse than to hit up Cafe du Nord at 8pm. The Definite Articles will be playing with Foxtails Brigade, Uni & The Ding String Trio, and New Pantheon (though not all at once). We're on first.