Friday, October 02, 2009


It's Friday, which means I need to check and make sure Lore's Comedy Double Act Name Generator is still up and running. And it is! What names did it give me this time, and what do I think they're actually up to? (last installment was here; I missed a week, so this one will be double-sized)

- Soza & Mcglohon: A particle physicist and a golf pro who live together in a cramped apartment. In their off hours, they work together trying to build the Ultimate Golf Club that will hit a hole-in-one every single time from the first try.

- Lokaphone & Sprenger: 30 years from now, a Swedish wizard will bring an inanimate object to life, and their misadventures together will be the basis for a long-running web-based video series.

- Younglove & Freno: They used to be attorneys; now they're outlaw bikers. What hasn't changed? Only their love. You have have seen that coming, but what the fuck else am I gonna do with a name like that.

- Sperberg & Clasby: A mycologist and a malacologist who somehow got funding from a VC firm, bought a warehouse space down by the docks, closed the doors, and were never seen again. Trucks come up to the loading dock at all hours, but nobody knows what's in them, where they came from, or precisely how they're even emptied.

- Laugen & Tynan: Two artists who specialize in wood and metalworking who mostly build replicas of fictional weapons. Some of them are working models. They don't put that on their business card.

- Ekas & Dibert: Rail-thin hipster boys from an unspecified Euronation who are trying to get a new genre of music started.

- Gaestel & Neizer: Time-traveling thieves who keep searching the timestream for weapons to steal; the problem is that their portal doesn't actually open into other times, but other universes, and their physics don't always work the same.

- North & Flourney: Landscape architects who specialize in optimizing your lawn for when you can't actually be bothered to take care of it.

Have a good weekend. Don't hurt anything. You know the drill.