Thursday, February 17, 2005

Inverted palm, reverted dandelion

Here is a thing that you may like:

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Yesterday, I photographed a parasitic dandelion on a palm tree behind our building. Today, I made adjustments to the image, but kept the dandelion bloom real color.

I liked that the darkest shadows became thick, adulterated plaster flowing over and through the palm trunk's pattern of 'shelves.'


At 3:36 PM, Ryan

Dearest Julie,

You are amazing. Could you pretty please write a book detailing your life and the amazing events therein. This picture could be the cover and everyone would buy it and you would be hells of famous. There is no downside.

Thanks so much

At 4:15 PM, Julie

Aw, thanks Ryan. Good news, I'm already half-way through!

Chapter 74Out of:
- bread
- lightbulbs
- mustard

* Don't forget to call cable

At 7:09 AM, jannon


At 3:09 AM, dennis

all i can say is "wow".

At 3:10 AM, dennis

actually, i can say more: it looked like whitewater flowing around rocks on first glance and second.

At 5:08 PM, Amy

Stunning picture. Gorgeous.

At 12:08 PM, Julie

Thank you!


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