Wednesday, April 20, 2005


So I was being dropped off at the Ontario (California) airport at some ungodly hour by the amazing Julie. We pulled up behind a late-model red Civic with two stickers on the back in close proximity to each other. One of them was a red, white & blue "Support Our Troops" ribbon of some sort. The other, well ... the other was a three-panel sticker that went something like this:

Panel One: A photo of the Klingon High Council building
Panel Two: The motto DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR in big red letters
Panel Three: The three-pointed Klingon insignia

What I was having trouble deciding, and what still puzzles me to this day, is what sort of personality results in a juxtaposition like that. The easiest explanation is that the car is driven by two separate people, but what if it isn't? That means you are looking at either:

- A jingo-patriotic Star Trek fan.


- One of those unfortunate military fanboys ("HARDCORE! MARINES!! SEMPER FI!!!") who just liked the motto on the sticker and had no idea what the other panels were about. Which is possible; the Klingon High Council building looks sort of like a Tibetan temple or something, and it's possible the Klingon insignia could be mistaken for some kind of military emblem.

I am still uncertain as to which one of these possibilities is more unlikely.

That's the Klingon Patriot anecdote.