Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You know how the skull and crossbones is a symbol that basically says "PIRATES!" in any language, and is simple and memorable and easy to draw even if you have zero drawing skill whatsoever?

There needs to be a similar symbol that says "SCIENCE!" that we can put on flags and shirts and stickers and patches. It needs to be something iconic and instantly recognizable. Graphic design people, please get on this.

The eventual goal is to have a fleet of zeppelins with this symbol on them flying above the country at all times. Periodically, scientists hover above college football fields and drop down on zip lines with things they've concocted in their floating labs:

"Here, a regenerative stem cell treatment for spinal accident victims!"
"Behold, a method for isolating hereditary cancer genes!"
"I have here a fusion reactor that will fit in the basement of a standard home!"

After delivering their discoveries, the scientists clip automated ascenders onto the ropes and zip back up to their blimps, which float ponderously away, their hulls declaring "SCIENCE!" to every pair of eyes for miles around. Don't tell me it wouldn't be fucking awesome.

Unrelatedly, I updated the Dogblog for the month. It's an Inauguration Day gift to you, and you, and you. And you.