Friday, June 19, 2009


It's time for more of these because WHY NOT

- Bidstrup & Berkebile: Norwegian Action Accountants. That's what's on their business card. They've got blond buzzcuts and pencils tucked behind their ears, shortsleeve shirts with ties, and messenger bags packed with papers slung over one shoulder. Also, swords. They're carrying swords.

- Cipriani & Buist: I see an Italian supermodel and her agent. But she doesn't talk, ever, and all communication is handled by Buist, who is never seen without an impeccable black suit on. No one knows how old either of them are, and no one knows if "Buist" is the guy's first name or last name. He's never said.

- Ingersol & Rorrer: Who hired these two consultants and why are they always underfoot? What's that smell? Where do those power cables go?

- Felts & Christinsen: They're detectives from a long-running book series for kids about a living stuffed animal and his folklore-obsessed best friend who keep solving mysteries around town.