Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I missed last week's installment of this, so you'll probably get two this week.

- Haggerton & Planck: A surly butcher from New Jersey and a quantum physicist who team up to solve paranormal mysteries neither of them quite believe in.

- Steffy & Dorough: I see a Norwegian and an English banker who've opened up a prim brunch restaurant together. The walls are wood-paneled and there are Viking helmets mounted on them near the ceiling.

- Brownlee & Scholin: They're textbook authors with fashionable glasses who share an apartment.

- Braff & Sabota: A Hollywood star and the transdimensional alien entity that shares his consciousness. It hasn't made its intentions known, but it only seems to want control of his body once every few years, so he's been content to let it occupy him. Although it's not like he has any idea how to get rid of it even if he wanted to.