Wednesday, April 13, 2005

OK I guess this is it

Leaving tomorrow for 29 Palms! And, you know, the wedding.

We have been running around all day getting everything ready and packing and so forth. I took our new shade structure on a dry run. Works good.

Picked up our rented RV, this is to caravan our families out to the desert site in style and comfort.

It's big!

33 feet!

Here's an innovation on today's modern RVs that I wasn't aware of: you can press a button and slide this whole section (orange) out, creating a pretty spacious area inside (about to green). Neat!

The house we rented at 29 Palms Inn — "Irene's Historic Adobe" — has a big courtyard in back, for our hang-outs Thursday and Friday nights. There's cactus and some trees and all kinds of shit. There's a woodburning thing for fires, and I got some kind of bee in my bonnet that I want to roast some Spam on a stick over it as part of my personal inexplicable pre-wedding rituals, so I got some Spam.

I made a bunch of hanging candle things to hang in the courtyard - I bought hardwood dowels, painted them different colors. Then I collected together / purchased about 80 glass jars. I wired the threads of all the jars to hang from black wires. They will get hung from the dowels at varying lengths — 5 to 8 jars per dowel, hanging in a line — and then the dowels get hung levelly from whatever — trees, adobe wall, eaves, etc. Tealights will be put in each jar to be burned and enjoyed when night falls. So there will be hanging candlelight everywhere in the courtyard from these crazy jars. Someone else will have to light these because I will be roasting Spam.

Then Tuesday we leave for central / eastern Europe. I am pretty excited.

Cheers and love to my doggs, suckers! I will be missing you until I get back.


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous

wooo. Congrats Julie!

At 1:25 AM, Jake

Cheers! I will miss you on the internets until you return, but you should probably try to have fun anyway. It will be hard, I'm sure, but definitely try. ok!

At 4:16 AM, Evan

man oh man.
best wishes, from your friends kobold and tacocat

At 8:19 AM, Milo Schvans

mucho cheering and congrabulations, julie! Best of luck to both of you!


At 3:47 PM, soylentjoe

All of our love and best wishes, Little Puck!


Joe & Heather

At 12:18 AM, Anonymous

Super mega congratulations, Julie! Have a kick-ass wedding, and if you get near to Belgium ( which i don't think you are, but hey, just in case) give me a call and i'll make it memorable!! -tati-eloisa

At 12:35 PM, Julie

Thank you all an awful lot, everyone. And a very special "thank you" to Axl Rose.

eloisa, we won't this time (which is too bad) but since I certainly want to visit brussels, you can be sure I'll call you up whenever we do.

At 11:58 AM, Aristotle

Acckkkkkk, I totally missed this!!!

The newsfeed isn’t updating anymore it seems and after a long time I suddenly noticed I hadn’t seen any news from you in ages. Curse you, technology!

I would have wished you good luck and all, but seeing as it’s all over now and you don’t need it anymore… :(


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