Friday, April 08, 2005

How it would look if you were trapped or just visiting inside a bottle of Bombay gin

...provided your bottle was inside my house.


At 12:29 AM, deez

I dunno, I have spent many nights trying to crawl inside of a bottle of sapphire, and they tend to provide more of a birds-eye view of my toilet. Either that or the pissed off face of whatever ex I called up and guilt tripped into coming over to take care of me so I don't die.

At 6:20 AM, chris

is that guy nekkid, eh?

At 11:12 PM, Julie

Aaah! Canadians!

Deez, I really need light sources for gin photography; if I want a good toilet picture, (and I'm not saying I don't,) I'll have to figure out what kind of light bulb is immersible.

That could be interesting even without the gin.


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