Friday, April 29, 2005


- Does anyone else feel like there's a definite climatological shift on I-280 right around the CA-92 junction (Half Moon Bay)? i.e. If it's sunny and warm as I'm headed back home to San Francisco from Mountain View, it will turn perceptibly chillier right around there and remain so all the way up. The reverse is true when I'm headed south for work. Anyone else?

- Where is there a good Korean grocery store in San Francisco? I know there's one in Oakland right down the street from Mama Buzz, but come on. There has to be one in San Francisco. I'm thinking it's got to be on Geary between Arguello and Park Presidio, but I could be wrong. Regardless: Korean grocery store. Where?

- I feel like I had another question to ask, but I forgot it. What was it?