Monday, July 11, 2005

Dogs 198-204

Ordinarily I'd say something about these two being possibly related, but I can't get past the eyes on the right-hand one. Maybe it's just my monitor settings, but I never knew dogs could be goth.

Or maybe I did. Maybe I secretly knew, inside, all along.

I thought all Huskies (and related breeds) were supposed to be athletic? What are you doin' just lying there? Shouldn't you be out pulling a sled or chasing a small, fast animal or something? Hurling a javelin? Something?

(This picture and the one above were taken by someone I know who happened to be with me when I didn't have my camera on me for some reason. Thanks, lady!)

Hey, this is Dog #200!

I guess ... I guess nobody told him. That's OK.

Limited time offer! Act now! Order in the next five minutes and you'll get this handsome, handcrafted, limited-edition FaithfulBeagle(TM), perfect for any occasion indoors or out! Comes with five-year warranty and rebate on motorized tail attachment! Supplies limited! Be the first to call today!

I think it would turn out to be oddly refreshing if you discovered you had a stalker, but it turned out he was too lazy to do anything really insidious.

With the light the way it is and him being the color he is, it kind of looks like that sign is just growing right out of this dude's back. Put that together with what the sign says, and what do you get?

Man, I have no idea.

I've said it before, and I know there are people out there who disagree, but pugs still aren't cute. I'm just sayin'. Funny, yes, but this guy and his smushed-up little face don't spell "cute" to me so much as "leaving a wet surprise on this conveniently-placed pedal."