Monday, January 16, 2006

Dogs 248-250

"You've got a little foam on your lip there. From the cappucino or whatever. It's right -- it's -- you should maybe use a napkin or something. I'm just sayin'. Are you going to finish that?"

All right, I know I was there and I took this picture, and this dude was a pretty big guy and all, but doesn't he just look like he weighs next to nothing for some reason? Like you would be able to just scoop him up between his two sets of legs and carry him for miles and miles? Maybe it's that candy-cane parking meter pole he's tied to, I don't know.

"If we don't find that contact lens, she's going to be pissed."

"Why are you checking there. I already checked over there, and it's not there. I don't even know why we're trying, we can't even see in color."

* * *

Happy belated new year, everybody! I hope this finds you well.