Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dogs 424-428

I'm not saying we're done pointing fingers at each other over the global economic situation, but Professor Ephraim Mercury Jackladder Maresdamn here is pretty sure he should have been consulted when this whole thing first started to go sideways down the wheelspout, if you know what he means.

Can you even trip people anymore? Is that a thing that happens in this day and age? I don't know anybody who walks around in San Francisco and doesn't watch where they step, is all I'm sayin'.

I have an idea for a radical new form of police interrogation:
  1. Take a suspect and strap him to a chair in a small, blank, white room.
  2. Put this picture on the wall about a foot from his face.
  3. Wait five hours.
  4. Open the door, walk in, and harvest your confession.

I've never pretended to be an expert on canine nutritional needs. Even if dogs can eat pie without failing to digest it properly and blasting it out the back of them, do they appreciate it the way we do? According to this photo: maybe.

All right, seriously, what the fuck. This is the best thing I've ever fucking seen. If you don't want to run right over and hug this fuzzy little dude until the sun itself burns to a white dwarf and dies, there is something medically fucking wrong with you.

No, not you!