Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dogs 268-273

I actually got about half a dozen pictures of this guy, and I absolutely guarantee you that he had no idea I was even there. This is a dude with goals. Rawhide-related goals.

You saw that Simpsons episode with the motivational poster of the cat hanging from a tree branch saying "Hang in there, baby!" right? I'm not saying it should be done, but if you were going to try to make a poster out of this fella, the only possible caption would be "How did I get here."

Another one of those dogs with the sleek fur. Who does he think he's fooling? There's otter DNA in there, and I don't even need a genetic assay to prove it.

It's times like these that make me wish I were a folklorist, because I could tell you all about the story of the ancient Chinese sage who found a way to be reincarnated as a dog over and over again and to learn to talk with a dog's laryngeal structure, just so that every once in a while, when he's all alone with a human, he can say something that blows the guy's mind clean out through the back of his skull.

"That dude is going to be straight-up pissed when he comes back and finds his bike gone. If only I were an ancient Chinese sage, I'd be able to tell him which way the bastard went."

What is it with this dog and that face. Is this the same dudefella as dog 250? Oh man, little guy, are you ever gonna catch a break? Next time I'm going to have a rawhide bone for you; it'll at least take your mind off the crushing problems of the world. I hope.