Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dogs 256-261

What. What. Why do I suddenly get the feeling that dogs might have invented detective shows where the cops question people two at a time?

There are times when I look at a picture I've taken after it comes off my camera and realize that what I own is a tiny device whose sole purpose is to capture the pure essence of absolute champions like this dude right here.

Man, who's the winner here? Green leash or purple leash? The one with the purple leash clearly doesn't think it's him, but that's just because he doesn't believe hard enough.

Two hundred fifty-nine dog photos and I think this is my first Weimaraner, if that's what this President of the United States of America here is. Look at him -- what in the damn hell else is he going to be, honestly.

It says something when a kind of dog gets bred to the extent that even their tails are wrinkly. What exactly that something is I have no idea, but I don't care as long as we keep ending up with these guys. Let's get him one of those old British pilot outfits with the hat and call it a day.

What's doubly sad about this is that not only is he tied to a USA Today box, it's empty. Someone else might make a crack about how it'd be empty even if there were papers in there, but I'm not that someone today.