Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dogs 450-453

What could I have possibly interrupted you in the middle of that would result in a look like this? Were you about to solve death itself?



You know, every one of us has days where we're just happy for absolutely no fucking reason, and it's one of the great downfalls of civilization that we can't just acknowledge it by sitting around wearing a face like this without getting carted off to a home for people who don't know how to use a fork.

How do we know for sure that the ghosts of dead philosophers and statesmen don't sometimes possess animals just to spook the living? Maybe it's their way of having the fun they could never grab for themselves while they were busy dealing with the rest of us.

It's not like brotherman has a choice here, but this is one reason why we will never abandon the dog as a companion animal: dogs will wait for us. Just curl right up with zero resentment and have a nap until we've handled business and can hang out again. Full-grown humans who can manage to do this are the rarest motherfuckers alive.