Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dogs 295-299

"It's just ... look, I'm not entirely convinced this thing won't just break loose somehow and run me the fuck over as soon as your back is turned. Just could you hurry up and go get your latte or whatever? It's making me nervous."

This guy's at least part Doberman, isn't he? Don't they use those as police dogs mostly? Why do they do that when they look like they'd make really excellent burglars? Or is that the perfect reason.

This little Ewok's just biding his time until he can get his hands on a rock or a sharp stick. After that, there's going to be a Situation.

Do you want some ice cream, little pal? I don't know why this is, but I feel like we owe you some ice cream. All of us.

He just acts like he doesn't care. After I snapped this picture and walked away, I bet he waited about ten minutes and then just took off down the sidewalk at blinding speed, dragging the bike rack with the bikes still attached, kicking up sparks, leaving behind him only a trail of smoke and howls.

Hi, everybody. Sorry I missed December; it was kind of a busy month. If you're reading this via the LJ feed or for that matter the RSS, there's a chance that something might hiccup and you'll get a bunch of past posts. I just migrated this over to the "new" Blogger and they appear to have a bug or two to sort out. I also need to answer some emails, it looks like (sorry I can't get them all, I am but one man). Stay good.