Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dogs 326-330

Is there such a thing as a dog hobo? I guess if there wasn't before, there is now. You and I are privileged to be living in days like these, where new things are being invented all around us.

The ancient Egyptians weren't smart enough to have come up with fixed-gear bikes [insert hipster joke ... here], but if they had been, they'd've at least had the sense to assign them a guardian god, one that probably came in animal form. Oh look, there he is. Isn't that convenient.

What's ... what's in that ... bag? Is this information that we need? That's necessary? Probably not, huh.

The reason why you don't hear about more daring bank heists being pulled off around the country is that it's just really super easy to look around and figure out who's planning them. Most of the time they just give up once they've been found out.

Dudebro, I know it really sucks to get a sunburn, but you're not thinking this through. You have fur. I think you'll be okay. Bro? Ahh, do what you want.