Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dogs 458-462

After the nuclear apocalypse or the worldwide extermination by reptoids or peak oil or whatever our endgame turns out to be, the next sentient species to appear on the planet is going to find a statue with a plaque on it that says "They tried their best, at least for a little while," and it will be of this guy right here.

Why do we insist on making the world one big puzzle for small animals who just want to keep us company? This leash/tree situation is going to have this dude's tiny mind boggled for the rest of the damn afternoon if someone doesn't sort that shit out for him.

"Bring da mothafuckin ruckus" is what this stance is saying. In this case, the mothafuckin ruckus should take the form of so many hugs the sidewalks splinter for a ten-block radius.

This situation is more about the practice of patience on the part of this foreign dignitary here: it wouldn't take much to just get up and start slamming that door open and shut, but he knows this, and has decided such behavior would be counterproductive.

Why is it that in a scary movie where there's a creepy painting whose eyes follow you around, there's usually just one set of eyes in it? Adding another pair ups the weird-out factor by a multiplier of at least ten.