Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dogs 463-466

The breath-spot is important because it proves that this breed of dog is an actual animal and not a trick pulled on us all by Hasbro.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

That can't be comfortable. Can it? I keep trying to picture the human equivalent of this, and it works out mentally to "one of those poses we end up in when we're lying in bed and trying to spoon, but that we change out of after about ten seconds of equivocation." Why is it, then, that I seem to keep running into dogs who are doing this? Are their bodies built differently from ours or something? That's fucking preposterous.

"It's not personal or anything, all right? I just ... I can't hear anything you're saying to me until I've fully absorbed this sunlight. This sunlight is here for me right now and I need to be present for it. I need to accept this gift from the sun. I'll ... I'll be right with you."

The internet has something extra for you today, dear reader: I was interviewed by Mimi of BreakThru Radio for their new Geek Out segment; that latter link should take you right to the show in question (once the player loads, you can click the View Playlist button to see the show notes). I talk about the Dogblog's origin and process, the "dog laugh," the current state of blog book publication, and probably anything else you wanted to know. You can even download it if you want, and keep my wisdoms with you forever.